Charging Your Heart Watch

When you receive your Heart Watch – it will be uncharged and won’t turn on.  To protect the battery life, we leave the watches uncharged while they are in the warehouse and for shipping.

To use your watch, you will need to charge it for approximately 1 hour. 

To do this, simple plug in the male USB end of the watch into any USB port such as found on the side of your laptop or into your smart phone charger.

Once the watch is charging it will turn on automatically. 


Using Your Phone Charger to Charge Your Watch

In this image, you can see that we’ve used a standard iPhone wall charger to plug the Heart Watch into.  Any USB port ( even a car USB port / charger ) will work to charge your Heart Watch.

Plugging Your Watch into a Computer USB Port

In this photograph, you can see the Heart Watch being plugged into the side of a laptop’s USB female port.  Be gentle with plugging it in and careful not to bend the USB end of the watch while it is charging.