The Heart Watch User Manual

Although the Heart Watch is very simple to use and operate – we wanted to provide you with as detailed of instructions as possible.  Use the links below to access the right page for your question.

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Start Here 

Getting Started with Your Heart Watch

Your Hearth Watch will need to be charged for the first time for about an hour.   In this section, we cover how to charge your watch and put the watch straps / band together.

Instructions for The Hearth Watch App 

Installing the Heart Watch App on Your Phone
The Heart Watch App ( called H Band ) is designed to maximize the value of your Heart Watch. It helps you keep track of historical data and also lets you easily change your settings on the watch. Although the Heart Watch will work without using the app, you will definitely get more value out of your purchase with the app synced to your watch and phone.

The Heart Watch Functions

Installing the Heart Watch App on Your Phone
The Heart Watch is an amazing device that has a lot of built in functions and has all the features of any fitness watch including the ability to track your movement and calories burned for you.

In this section, we cover each function and how to use it as well as get the most out of the operation of your watch.

  • Navigating the Touch Screen on the Watch