Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Heart Watch?  We’ve listed below the most common questions and answers below.

How does the Heart Watch Work?
The Heart Watch has two ultra-sensitive sensors on the back of the watch that track the blood flow through your wrist as well as the pulse.   This allows the watch to determine with a high degree of accuracy your heart beat rate as well as your estimated blood pressure.

Will the Heart Watch Work on Every Person?
Our testing has shown that the Heart Watch is very effective for most individuals.   Because the sensors rely on contact with your wrist, those with large amounts of hair on their wrist may find reduced performance.  Wearing the watch strap too loose will also cause the device to not give as accurate readings.

How Accurate are the Readings of the Hearth Watch?
Although our tests show the Heart Watch has a record of accuracy, the device should only be used as a tool to assist you in keeping track of your heartbeat and heart function and should not be used to replace the accuracy of your doctor’s medical devices or advice.  The body is a complex organism and the Heart Watch will assist you in tracking your heart beat, your pulse, irregularities in your heartbeat pattern but is only designed be to an aid in your daily health routines.

Does the Heart Watch Record Data?
Yes, the data from your watch is recorded on the free app the watch comes with and will provide you with a historical range of measurement. For example, you can see what your average heartbeat rate for any given hour, daily average, weekly average etc. This data can be used for your own reference or to show your doctor.

Can I Provide This Data to My Doctor? 
Yes, the historical data tracked from the Heart Watch to your smart phone can provide your physician a much better idea of how your heart is beating and behaving over an extended period of time.

Is the App Free? Where do I Get It?
The App is included with your purchase and is available from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. Do a search for ” H Band ” and follow the on screen instructions.

Do I Need the App or a Smart Phone to Make the Heart Watch Work?
No the Heart Watch can work alone but you will not be able to track data and adjust settings as easily. The App works on any smart phone such as an iPhone or a Samsung and so forth and is very easy to use.

I received My Heart Watch in the Mail and It Won’t Turn On?
The Heart Watch comes uncharged to protect the battery life of the device.  Once you receive your watch, simply plug it into any USB charger port such as on the side of your computer and let charge for 1 hour.

How Long Does a Single Charge Last
A single charge will last about 4 to 5 days and takes approximately 1 hour to fully charge.  You should not charge your Heart Watch for more than 90 minutes to protect the battery life.

How Big is the Wrist Band?
The watch band is a total length of 9 3/4 inches.

What is the Band Made Of?
The band is made of a non-alergenic rubber.

Is the Heart Watch Water Proof?
The Heart Watch is water resistant but not water proof. You should not swim, wash dishes etc with it on.  Because the Heart Watch plugs directly into a USB port with no cords required, the USB tab ( located in the watch band when you pull off the one side to access it ) should not be exposed to being submersed in water.

How Long Will it Take for My Order to Arrive?
Depending on your area of the world, your watch will take from 7 to 35 days to arrive.    As our distribution facility grows we aim to cut this down to under 4 days but we are a young, growing company that has become very successful very quickly and our volumes have added time to our shipping as we manufacture new watches for delivery.

How Much is Shipping?
We currently charge a flat rate for shipping of 7.49 in the USA and 8.99 in Canada.  Shipping to the UK and Australia is $9.99.

What is the Warranty on My Purchase
Your Heart Watch is backed by a 1 year satisfaction guarantee.

How Can I Contact You?
Please contact us via email at for fastest service and response times.