Early Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

One of the most frustrating things about chest pain is knowing if it is something you should be concerned about – or it’s some other nonlife threatening problem such as a digestive issue like heart burn where the acid from your stomach creeps up your esophagus and mimics the feeling of having chest discomfort.  

Just about every article you come across on heart attack symptoms or early warning signs says the same thing – a sore left shoulder or arm, nausea, pressing sensation on your chest, shortness of breath and feeling light headed.

The problem is though that every one of those symptoms can also be the result of another health related issue.   For example, a sore arm could be caused by sleeping wrong and feeling short of breath might be because you are just out of shape.  Light headedness could be caused by not eating enough between breakfast and dinner and now you are experiencing a drop in blood sugar.

The point being – no one wants to take a chance on ignoring critical warning signs of a pending heart attack – or one in progress – but after a few false alarms we all have a tendency to put our guard down.  But ignoring those symptoms could be the biggest mistake of your life and result in a fatal heart attack.

This is why we created the Heart Watch.  It’s an ingenious device that monitors your heart beat, your blood pressure and your arrhythmia all silently while on your wrist.  It’s small, light weight and stylish and hypoallergenic.   It works by the two small sensors on the back of the watch which monitor your pulse and any change in the blood flow through your wrist.   As it gets to know you – if it detects anything odd or a sudden change in how your heart is working – it will immediately alert you day or night.  

Instant Blood Pressure Monitoring

The Heart Watch is one of the few smart watches in the world that can monitor your blood pressure and provide you with an accurate reading at any given time. This, combined with the ability to monitor your pulse, heart beats and arrhythmia makes wearing the heart watch like having a nurse monitoring your vital signs 24 hours a day.

The Heart Watch charges easily with a USB cord and holds a three day charge on a single one hour charging session so you can rest assured it is always protecting and monitoring your heart beat.

Syncs Easily with Your Smart Phone

The Heart Watch uses Bluetooth technology to easily sync to your smart phone and allows you to track your heart beat, your blood pressure, arrhythmia and even your sleep patterns related to sleep apnea.

If something changes or suddenly your heart beat speeds up or slows down – the Heart Watch will vibrate on your wrist and instantly tell you that something is different in how your heart is beating.

The Heart Watch May Just Be the Most Important $60 You Ever Spend…

With 24/7 monitoring and the instant ability to warn you of a change in the way your heart is beating – the heart watch could very well save your life or the life of someone you care about.   For less than going out for a decent dinner for two – the Heart Watch provides peace of mind and an important added layer of protection for anyone concerned about their heart and if it is working correctly.

For more information on the Heart Watch – visit our main website at www.theheartwatch.com or to order a Heart Watch for yourself – click here now.