The Security of 24 Hour Heart Monitoring

Like a Doctor on Your Wrist

Introducing The Heart Watch – an amazing, completely affordable watch that is simple to use – yet powerful enough to monitor everything about your heart including your blood pressure, your heartbeat and any changes in your heart’s  beating pattern.  The Heart Watch works by using precision hi-tech sensors against your wrist that continually monitor how your heart is beating and can potentially warn you in advance of any changes in the way your heart is beating.

Affordable Peace of Mind

Like having a nurse with you 24/7 monitoring your cardiac functions and letting you know if there is anything you need to be concerned about.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Heart Watch monitors your heartbeat when it’s on your wrist and provides feedback on how many beats per minute it is running at while at the same time ready to alert you if it starts beating too fast during periods of exercise or just relaxing

Instant Blood Pressure Reporting

Thanks to ultra sensitive sensors, the Heart Watch is able to provide estimated readings on your current blood pressure levels with a single push of a button and can be set up to monitor it even when you sleep.

Keep and Eye Out for Problems

Because The Heart Watch is silently monitoring your heart , it is always ready to notify you if it detects any irregularity in your heart’s  beating pattern which can provide you advanced warning of a possible issue that needs medical attention

One Button Operation

The Heart Watch is designed to be very easy to use and requires no heavy learning curve or complicated instruction guide. Simply strap on and it will start working for you – it’s peace of mind that you can count on to help keep you safe and sound.

Day or Night, the Heart Watch is Keeping a Close Tab on You

The Smartest Watch on the Planet

Regardless if you are getting older or have a diagnosed heart condition – the nagging fear of something going wrong with your heart is something millions of people face every day.  When you use the Heart Watch, it will provide you with the knowledge that your heart is being monitored while you have it on and you can check at any time if there is something not feeling right or you want to know your heart beat rate.

Sleek and Stylish

Light Weight and Modern

Digital Screen

Available in 3 Great Colors

Comfortable Monitoring

Won’t Irritate Your Wrist

Connect Via Bluetooth to Any iPhone or Androiod Phone

The Heart Watch works seamlessly with your cellular phone ( although a phone is not required for the Heart Watch to work for you ) and allows you to share information wirelessly between your device and the Heart Watch including being able to see who is calling or texting you without looking at your phone.    The Heart Watch comes with an included app that tracks data on your heart and all other functions the watch performs for you.


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Important Information
It is important that although we know through our own testing that our Heart Watch device is an excellent method to monitor your heart and its primary function, we cannot guarantee that the Heart Watch is a foolproof device to detect any type of heart problem or malfunction.  It is an advanced heart monitoring device, but should not be used as a substitute for sound medical device or a device provided you to by your doctor and should only be viewed as a tool to help measure your heart beat.
The Heart Watch will provide you with what it monitors from your wrist on how your heart is beating but has not been evaluated by the FDA for accuracy.   There is no guarantee or 100% assurance that it can detect every problem on how your heart is working.   Therefore by using the Heart Watch, you agree to the statement that we as the distributors of the device cannot be held responsible if the Heart Watch does not detect a heart condition that results in a serious situation including death.  By purchasing the Heart Watch, you agree to these statements and you do not expect the Heart Watch to detect with 100% accuracy all heart problems.
This website and device is for information purposes only.  By providing the information, we are not diagnosing, treating, curing, mitigating or preventing any type of disease or medical condition.  Be sure to consult your doctor or health care professional on any health related concern.